Do never bring a big cut in diet or excessive exercise plan in your life style for losing weight. It’s a process which should be adopted gradually and so that you don’t get bored and quit. If you try to change everything too quickly, you may start feeling bad about this, will get discouraged and most likely would give up. So, be patient and take is easy.

Skipping meals is certainly something which should be avoided. This slows down your metabolism. Our body slows down it’s metabolism during the period we eat less in order to preserve the stored energy. So, when you skip a meal or put yourself on a crash diet, your body takes this as threat of starvation and goes into survival mode. It is thus focused to conserve your stored energy and the quick weight loss which you are observing is mostly from your body muscles.

Thus, never skip any meal particularly the first of the day i.e. breakfast. You may start eating healthy snacks between meals. Eating small and healthy snack prevents hunger pangs and binges and would maintain your metabolism efficiency. Eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains would improve your health and waistlines.

We should include more fiber diets into our meals. Fiber is more filling and stays in our stomach longer than any other substance. It slows down our digestion and we feel full for a longer time. And, helps moving fat from our digestive system before, it is completely absorbed. In fact, eating fiber rich food keeps our blood sugar at a more consistent level.

The most important thing is to bring an increase in our metabolism and exercise alone helps burning off the extra fat. Our metabolism slows down after about 8 hours from our wake up time, so, the best time to exercise is the evening. If we can exercise 45 to 60 minutes an hour before dinner, that will keep our metabolism high for about four hours. And this is the period when our body is significantly burning off the fat. Increased metabolism prevents body to pull energy from our muscle tissues.

You can try these tips as well.

Whenever you drink water take warm water. This increases your metabolism and help burning fat. So, drink hot water.

Include more proteins into your diets, they will help your muscles and at the same time they increase your metabolism which in turn you know, burn fat.

As I have told earlier, eat more fibers. They stay longer in your stomach and make you feel not hunger for a longer time.

If you reduce your butter consumption per day by 2 to 3 tablespoons, this can bring a weight loss of about 2 pounds every month without any harm to your muscles.

It is said that the water presence on our earth is about 66 percent, this applies here too. If we consume water (better if hot)  equivalent to (.66 multiplied with our body weight) ounces every day, it helps reducing our weight.

Following these tips will help you losing weight and stay slim forever. Though, these are the simple un-harmful tips but, please consult your doctor if you have any health problem.


Peanut Butter is good for weight loss. 

Today, I found a very informative post on peanut butter by Jennifer R. Scott. Kindly, follow the link to read the post. Post is really helpful in clearing the mis-understanding about peanut butter.


This is really a very simple equation. Your body need certain amount of calories to keep itself going. If your intake provides more than that amount of calories, you gain weight. If your intake is less than this amount, you start losing weight. Isn’t it very simple.

But, this equation is not really that simple. For, if you start eating severely low diet, your body will consider this as starving and will indicate this by making you feel tired and week. And would start pulling energy from your stored fat and from your muscle tissues as well. So, dieting alone should never be practised for weight loss.

So, a regular exercise program is needed in addition to eating less. This will make your body system such that it will pull energy from stored fat resources not the muscle tissues. Rather, the muscle tissues will be more perfectly built. And, you will be losing weight by reducing the unwanted tires not from your muscles.